Dear students,

Annually, we, the LSMIF, hold a recruitment event for those who are interested in joining the Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund after 2 weeks of the term to ensure late comers have the opportunity to learn about this. This year, we intend to hold this session on Wednesday 26th October 2022 from 1-2pm. This time slot is on timetable for most of you and we will hold training or meetings during the year using this time slot. This means, if youย are not joining us, that is your free time.

Most of our information and announcements will be made through the LSMIFโ€™s Discord and you are encouraged to join our digital platform by scanning the barcode in the poster. The room for the info session is DCB2104 as per the timetable but we will also make it live on Collaborate Ultra for those who are unable to come face to face. You will be informed more about this when you join us on Discord.

I hope to see you both on Discord and the info session on 26thOctober.

Hao Quach