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Student Testimonials

James Stenson – Chief Executive Officer
Banking & Finance 2018-2021
The fund is in a perpetual state of growth. In both terms of members and portfolio growth. Although the fund was set-up in 2017. The fund is still very much in its infancy. Myself and the leadership team continue to adapt and create policies and management solutions to propel LSMIF into the future. I am very pleased with our members and we continue to grow steadily. Future objectives include appealing to a wider demographic of students and appealing to companies within our local area for their assistance and financial donations. These are exciting times for LSMIF and we hope to provide a real education to students for years to come.

Callum Smith, International Investment Banking 2017-2018
When Hao mentioned to us one lecture about the opportunity to start an investment fund at the university I could not have said yes quicker to it. It is an amazing honour to be part of the foundation of this team. To give the students at the university the chance to put the theory they have learnt into practice and be able to show future employers proof of their skills will support them greatly. I am nearing the end of four years at the University of Lincoln, and I hope through starting this initiative, I can give back to them enough for what they have given me.

Ryan Thomas, International Investment Banking 2017-2018
As someone who holds a huge interest in and recognises the potential of the financial and investment industries, I was delighted to be selected as part of the leadership team for LSMIF. It is such an incredible opportunity for us students to lay the foundations for a project that will take our education to the next level, and I am excited to play a leading role in influencing the strategy and direction of the fund. We look forward to raising the benchmark in how financial education is provided through the growth of this fund.

Cameron Barker, Banking and Finance 2017-2018
As one of the two undergraduates asked to join the group of founders here at LSMIF, I cannot express in words the privilege I feel to be part of the excellent team we have developed. Not only am I excited about the opportunities this project will provide both now and in future, I have a great passion for our goal of social mobility. Being from a working-class northern background, I am especially enthusiastic about proving my merit to future employers through my work here at LSMIF, and about growing to fund in order to provide the opportunity I have been given to others.

Finley Kneafsey, Banking and Finance 2017-2019
“As an undergraduate student at the University of Lincoln, being selected as one of the founding members of the LSMIF has been a great honour and, from this, I look forward to engaging with the dynamic and insightful team we have formed. The opportunity I have been granted not only allows me to excel in my knowledge of the financial world, but also allows me the opportunity to experience financial transactions first hand. With experience from the major investment bank, JP Morgan, I hope to share my knowledge of the financial market with my team members and help to shape the funds’ strategy and facilitate the success and growth of this organization. Through my desire and pragmatic demeanour, I will bring my leadership and team-based skills, developed during my competitive rowing career at St. Edwards School in Oxford, to the Student Management Fund. I am committed to the success of this new organization and exploring the further opportunities such a venture will undoubtedly provide.”

David Mugo, International Investment Banking 2017-2018
It has been an amazing journey so far, working with such a driven team of people to get the investment fund running. Much of what we do here stems from the lecture rooms and seminar classes, so its great being given the opportunity to practice in the real-world environment. Keep updated on this exciting project and support a great team

Ryan Hill, MSc International Investment Banking 2017-2018
When the opportunity arose to be part of one of the first student ran funds in the country appeared in-front of me, there was no way to resist the opportunity. Not only was I excited to work alongside an industry veteran as talented as Hao, but the idea of working with my fellow students to trade in the real world seemed the best way to show off my own talents and get the best works experience possible.

Iulia Nan, MSc Accounting and Finance 2017 – 2018
An investment fund managed by students is an innovative way of learning how things are in the real life when it comes to making investment decisions and being able to successfully manage a portfolio. I am more than happy that I have been given the opportunity of being part of the fund and I am expecting this to be the basis of my future career. Being able to gain experience, while studying for my master’s degree makes me confident that I will be ready to go on the job market with a high-quality set of skills and add value through my future work.

Rosa Escobar, MSc Accounting and Finance 2017-2018
Without an opportunity a good ability means nothing, for this reason being part of this investment fund means so much to me. It is the perfect occasion to prove ourselves as individuals, developing all the knowledge that we have acquired while working with the excellent team that we have created.  As a post graduate student in Accounting and Finance I feel overwhelmed and excited to have been taken into consideration to be part of this project, as I believe in the great team potential.

Michael Page, MSc Accounting and Finance 2017-2018
Upon hearing about this opportunity, it instantly appealed to me. I was impressed with the group’s goals and aspirations in pursuing this project and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Coming from a project management background, my role as investment manager allows me to gain experience in project analysis and evaluation, which will provide long-term benefits to my career. I believe this role is perfect for me, as I will also be able to demonstrate my technical skills in analysis, gained from my previous degree in Computer Information Systems. As well as personal benefits, I would like to benefit the cause of business development, giving back to the University of Lincoln and fellow peers.

Rami Meligy, MSc Accounting 2017 – 2018
The fact of being an Accounting Masters seeker gave me the chance to be inspired and to look for more industry and academic self-development opportunity. For a business student, being part of the University of Lincoln Student Management Investment Fund is personally considered a unique start up move. It gives me the chance to enhance, develop and build up my professional skills and knowledge, as I am seeking for more professional experience. The idea of playing a role in the excellent team as an Analyst could improve my knowledge and the way I would look into industries and financially analyse them. Not just the self-development and improvements, but also the projects that could achieved, the connections and links that could be built up and the careers and employability opportunities that could be offered.

Burhan Tasgözlek,  Investment Banking 2017 -2018
I was on fire when I heard that the University of Lincoln wanted to offer such a great project as the Student Fund LSMIF. The real experience that I get from LSMIF is tremendous and offers an excellent opportunity to create an environment that is so close to real trading. I have chosen the course Msc. International Investment Banking to gain fundamental knowledge about the banking industry, but this surpasses all expectations. When I go back to Germany, I can say with pride that I have learned much more than the theory and believe that this experience will bring me further in my life.