COVID-19 LSMIF – Closure

Dear all,

It is with great regret that LSMIF is closing all physical activities and meetings due to the spread and containment of COVID-19. This includes our Investment Committee Meetings.

We are still working from our digital office in ‘Slack’ a business chat/voice software solution and we continue to work hard during these unprecedented times.

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support and our Board of Advisors.

James Stenson – CEO LSMIF

Investment Committee Meeting Prep

It’s that time of year again where we begin our preparations for our Investment Committee meeting and welcome our Board of Advisors.

We have several huge announcements including a trip to Vietnam!
More information on this to follow.

James Stenson – CEO – LSMIF

Recruitment – A Great Success!

Our recruitment session culminated in a fantastic success and we’ve had some great applicants. Thank you to everyone who attended.

We’re continuing our training with these new members and we will upload some photos of the new team and our training event shortly!

James Stenson – CEO of LSMIF

LSMIF Recruitment Event

We are now actively recruiting members for this year and the future.
An information event is being put on so that you can take a look at what LSMIF does and see if it interests you.

Wednesday the 12th of February 13:00-15:00
Information and Recruitment Event
ROOM: Junction 0001

Please send me an email if you’d like to attend or wish for further information.

Thank you.

James Stenson – CEO of LSMIF


Recruitment is starting for this term and we’re opening up to 1st year applications. A recruitment event will be organised in the near future.

Please view our website and get an idea of what to expect and what we do.
To ensure you are invited to the recruitment event please send an email to register your interest.

Thank you,

James Stenson – CEO of LSMIF

Gearing up for the New Year!

Happy New Year from the LSMIF team.

We’re currently getting ready for a new academic term and a new set of changes for LSMIF. Last term saw a lot of senior members being involved, this terms goal is to get everyone involved with the investment process and the fund.

This will be an exciting year.

James Stenson – CEO of LSMIF

Investment Committee Meeting Event

Thanks to all our members that could attend, due to last minute changes not everyone was able to attend.

The meeting was a great success and we discussed many points and factors for change for the New Year. Thanks very much to our Board of Advisor’s for your professional advice and support.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Here’s a few pictures of our event: (click for higher resolution)

James Stenson – CEO of LSMIF

Investment Committee Meeting

We’re pleased to welcome our Board of Advisor’s whom visit us a few times a year to offer us advice and share their experience with us. This is a fantastic opportunity for the entire fund to learn from professionals. We look forward to the event and seeing you all there.

04/12/2019 13:30 – Junction 0005

Below is an agenda for the occasion and documents what will be covered.

December 2019 Research

With the upcoming Board of Advisor’s Investment Committee. Our analysts have provided an update on our holdings with their recommendations.

Each of these reports will be discussed at the upcoming meeting 04/12/2019.

Ashtead Update (PDF Format)

Hotel Chocolat Update (PDF Format)

Second Training Session

We are holding our second training session of the term to help our new members and refresh our senior members knowledge. This is a very important function for our entire team, as it is essential that the whole team understands key aspects of the fund.

If you have not attended a session yet but would like to join or request information. Please email

Details of training:

Wednesday 23rd October 2019
13:00 – 16:00
Junction 0005

Thank you and hope to see you on Wednesday.

James Stenson – CEO of LSMIF

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