LIBS LSMIF are Winners at the SMIFUK22 – 1st Prize Investment Competition supported by HSBC Asset Management.

The UK’s First Student-Managed Investment Fund Conference

Student managed investment funds (SMIFs) are big business in the US, often with many millions of dollars of funds under management. SMIFs are an increasingly popular feature of UK universities but until now the only conferences have been in the US. This year it was held at the University of York and with partner Griff Investment Fund.

What the Chief Investment Officer of the LSMIF Harry Mapus-Smith said about the win

“We are thrilled to have won this competition. LSMIF tries to continuously detect and research trends in the equity markets, therefore, it was possible for us to use our experience and effectively put together a portfolio that factors in the many uncertainties of the current market. To win a competition against students from some of the most prestigious universities in the country exemplifies the ability of our senior management team and the fund as a whole. “

LIBS Associate Professor / Programme Leader – Hao Quach

“I am delighted that the team have won the prestigious HSBC competition where students from across UK universities competed to demonstrate key practical employability skills. This means we have done it right for students with the LSMIF approach.”