The Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund (LSMIF) has demonstrably achieved remarkable success this term. Through a meticulously designed internal investment pitch competition held in February, LSMIF students showcased their proficiency in a comprehensive range of financial skills. Participants embarked on a rigorous journey, employing equity research, technical analysis, and valuation techniques to analyse companies across a diverse array of global indices. This competition served as a springboard, fostering the development of critical research and presentation skills โ€“ both paramount for navigating the complexities of the financial landscape.

Capitalising on this internal triumph, a selected group of LSMIF representatives distinguished themselves at the 3rd SMIF Conference in York, securing a coveted 1st place in the SMIF Poster competition. This achievement underscores the exceptional expertise cultivated within the LSMIF program.

We extend our gratitude to several individuals whose unwavering support has been instrumental in LSMIF’s success this term.

Professor Hao Quach deserves special recognition for his esteemed presence and continuous guidance. His contributions have played a vital role in the fund’s ongoing achievements.

We are also grateful to Siobhan Goggins, Head of the Department of Accountancy, Finance, and Economics. Her unwavering backing, both in guidance and financial support, underscores the significance of LSMIF within the broader school community.

Our thanks extend to the dedicated LIBS Marketing team, led by Senior College Communication Officer Antonio Ruiz Martos and his team members Marianna and Sofia. Their consistent presence at events throughout the year has been pivotal in promoting and elevating the visibility of our fund.

Finally, we recognise the Global Experience team. Their steadfast commitment and enduring collaboration have been invaluable to the fund’s operations and efficiency.

Leading such a talented and dedicated team as CEO of LSMIF is a profound honour. We take immense pride in the students who participated in the competitions and express our sincere appreciation to everyone mentioned above. This success would not be possible without your collective dedication.

Thank you for contributing to the prosperity of the Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund.

Building on this momentum, LSMIF is excited to invite you to attend its 6th Annual Investment Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 17th 12-5pm. This event provides a unique opportunity to witness firsthand how the next generation of financial professionals approaches investment strategy and decision-making, but also the leadership team will present the investment proposals for this year’s portfolio. If you are interested attending our event in April, please, keep an eye on our blog or socials media for updates!

Athanasios Tsanaktsidis


Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund