Founded in 2015 and started as a real-money fund in early 2018, with the prime focus on student education and putting into practice educations into a real world setting.

The ultimate goal of the fund is to raise the profile of each student involved to allow for them to get the best experience possible. We, however, set the following objectives to make the fund grow on sustainable basis:

  • To generate long-term returns from investments using our stylized investment strategies.
  • To raise funds though crowdfunding and donors to help increase the capital base.
  • To increase the number of students involved in the fund with expanded capital base.
  • To link the fundโ€™s activities with related programmes.
  • To get more outside sponsors who want to work directly with the fund as well, to further simulate the professional environment.

LSMIF is designed to be an educational tool used by the students that apply to become members of the fund. This opportunity allows the University of Lincoln to provide the best possible experience within the world of investment banking.

Students will run all aspects of the fund and will be fully responsible for the success.ย  The fund will be supervised by industry veteran and long-time lecturer Dr. Hao Quach. Hao has many years of experience in all aspects of investment banking and 20 years teaching in multiple countries. Hao will be there to ensure the stability of the fund and to give guidance on how to create and expand each aspect of the fund, using his vast experience in a supervisory role.

The fund will use donations from the public or sponsors to finance its investments. All profits will be used to reinvest within the fund. The fund is the perfect opportunity for any student interested within Banking and Finance. This opportunity will help differentiate you from another candidate.

The blog is designed to provide updates on the fund’s activities.

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