Why join LSMIF?
Becoming a member of LSMIF is an achievement. Membership, does not only allow you to add an extra-curricular activity to you CV, but allows individuals to be immersed in the funds primary objective which is providing an education and insight into the world of finance.

You will receive training to help identify prosperous companies for future investment, compiling Equity Research Reports for justification of investment and key presentation skills used to report our findings to our external advisors. These skills are not only essential to pursuing a career in finance, but support other areas of personal development and finance.

Training is internal and overseen by our supervisor Dr Hao Quach who regularly provides training lectures. This allows you to put your education into practice.

How to join LSMIF
Upon deciding to join LSMIF, individuals will undergo a trail period. By doing so this allows its management figures to come to a conclusion, whether the individual in question will add value to the Fund’s performance.

All new entrants will be asked of a series of questions asked verbally or electronically by James Stenson (CEO) about their intentions and desires to join the Fund. However, a face to face meeting is obligatory before being invited to join the fund on a trial basis. Information on the meeting will be provided.

What will the trial period consist of?
The candidate will undertake a 4 week trial period, closely monitored the LSMIF Leadership Team.

  • All individuals interested in membership will be issued a starter package, which will include all updated documents, as well as templates which can be used to construct Equity Research Reports (ERR).
  • During the trial period candidates will be required to complete an Equity Research Report (ERR) as a member in a group.
  • The tasks are easy, and training will be given. We aim to gradually build you up so that you have a full understanding of every task.

During the trial period, there are a number of standards that must be upheld by all trial members, and they are as follows:

  1. Attendance of all meetings, unless the candidate has valid reasoning and if so should notify the leadership team as soon as possible.
  1. There must be a clear indication of work being completed outside of meetings. LSMIF requires a minimum of 2 hours a week of work outside of group based activities.


Further Reading
Attached is an official copy of the Membership policy, which includes a detailed description of; questions asked by the CEO on beginning the trial period and the stages included in the trial period:

Membership Policy (PDF Format)

To join the fund contact:

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. James Stenson, BSc Banking and Finance, University of Lincoln.

Email Address: 18688103@students.lincoln.ac.uk