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Current News and Affairs:

  • BAE Systems takes in record order flows on back of Ukraine war; UK defence contractor reports 9% increase in sales ‘as government replenish stock… and support allies’ – The FTSE 100 group, which builds everything from Eurofighter Typhoon jets to nuclear submarines and combat vehicles, said it took in a record £37bn in new orders, propelling its order backlog to £58.9bn.
  • Rolls Royce looks promising! RR’s latest profits shows signs of improvement with “materially higher profit, cash flows, and returns”
  • Inflation Predictions: predicted to return to 2% by Autumn , Citigroup forecasts – Rapid falls in gas prices give government hope of solving some of its biggest economic challenges!
  • Russia and China cosy up… – Both vow to strengthen ties despite international ‘pressure’; this is worrying considering the weak position of the Russian economy teaming up with the rising superpower China
  • UK housing downturns tend to live long in our memories; is stagnation worse though? With higher borrowing costs and inflation, and decades of tighter mortgage lending, the UK property market faces the prospect of freezing to a standstill…
  • US stocks fluctuate as investors assess rate risk talk – US markets seemed to retaliate at the prospect of favoured higher rises in terms of point increases in efforts to battle on-going inflation.

Fund News:

  • First round of this year’s ERR’s were handed in (by the majority) yesterday… Management and Senior Analysts look forward to reading and marking these in the lead up to our rebalancing…
  • Again, please make sure this is handed in ASAP as we are now moving forward to actually using these reports for the fund’s benefit!
  • Competitions! The fund is actively involved in the SMIF and Southeastern Hedge Fund competitions, with teams honing down on their strategy and individual picks in the coming weeks!

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