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Fund Meeting & New Members

At our most recent fund meeting (30/01/2019) we discussed the changes to our fund and what the future holds for LSMIF.

The use of short-lists was welcomed by the fund. Whereby we the fund have selected a portfolio of ~40 companies that we are interested in. All future investments will be raised from this short-list. The short-list will be updated and maintained periodically to remain accurate and current.

Here is a small extract from one company within our short-list:

The fund also has great pleasure in announcing the joining of two new members.

Michael Martin –  Governance Msc

Joel Parramore – Economics and Finance Bsc

A big welcome to both new members! Both members will be joining us on a trial period and we look forward to having both Martin and Joel involved within the fund.

Important Dates:
Fund Meeting – 20th of February 2019
Investment Committee Meeting – 27th of February 2019
Board of Advisors meeting to be scheduled in March 2019.

Things are getting busy for the fund and we’re excited to be pushing forwards with our new plans and raising some investments in the near future.

James Stenson – CEO – LSMIF

New Year & New Changes

A Happy New Year to you all,

LSMIF has been very busy over the Christmas period. We are excited to announce some major restructuring in the fund.

We have reduced our membership numbers significantly.

Leadership team:
James Stenson – CEO
Finely Kneafsey – CFO
Szymon Olizarowicz – CIO

Portfolio Manager(s):
James Boyle – Portfolio 1

Jurijs Fedorenko
Benjamin Omotayo
Christopher Denyer
Nathan Smith

The above members form the core of our fund. We have decided to focus on one portfolio and grow the fund from this point. This means membership within the fund is very competitive and thus the quality is of a very high standard.

These are exciting times as the fund will expand in the near future whilst maintaining the high quality and pursuit of excellence that we strive to achieve.

Thank you,


James – CEO

Merry Christmas!

Here at the Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’ve had an exciting start to the fund and there are plenty of opportunities to be taken in the new year. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the hard work that has gone into getting LSMIF up and running.

We’ve raised our first investment in the company Ashtead Group PLC.
A copy of the report and why the decision was made can be found here:

Please click the report for a full copy in PDF format.

This is just the beginning and we will continue making the best possible investments we can based on our judgement and input from our supervisory team.

A huge thank you to our Board of Advisor’s, Brewin and Dolphin and Dr Hao Quach. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Thank you all and have a great break!


James Stenson – CEO


Conclusion of our first Investment Committee Meeting

The first Investment Committee Meeting has now concluded. We are very grateful for all those that attended this meeting. We are especially grateful to our external guests, some of which travelled significant distance to view our presentation.

The event started with introductions and a  meet in greet session in which all members of the LSMIF team were able to meet our external Board of Advisors.This included; (pictured left to right)
Mr. David Spokes of Brewin Dolphin, Assistant Director & Investment Manager
Mr. Bob Woods of Mattioli Woods, Founder & Senior Advisor
Mr. Howard Gannaway of University of Lincoln, LIBS Advisor

Joining the external board the University of Lincoln Head of Department for Accountancy, Finance and Economics and our Internal Advisor, Mrs. Siobhan Goggin (pictured left). Our Head of Department presented a fantastic welcoming speech which kick started the event.

Now LSMIF’s turn to present. James Stenson, CEO, started the LSMIF introduction and explained the history of the fund, the aims, the goals and what the core values of the fund are. This introduction was finalised with some information regarding policies that help to govern the fund and a thank you to our sponsors, Brewin Dolpin and Dr. Hao Quach.

The CFO, Finley Kneafsey, then discussed our marketing strategy. This included how we intend to currently raise capital, and what our plans for the future entail. The CFO then introduced our CIO, Szymon Olizarowicz whom spoke in great detail about our current plans for investment and overall strategy.

LSMIF’s Portfolio Managers were next to present and each Portfolio Manager performed admirably and explained clearly, in high levels of detail what their portfolio represented, what markets they were interested within and finally a shortlist of equities that they were intrigued by.

The event concluded with a discussion with the panel of Board of Advisors. This was exceptionally helpful and the feedback received was superb. LSMIF are now aware of areas in which we can seek improvement.

We fully intend to listen to all feedback received and take the necessary action for implementation of the advice offered.

Thank you very much everyone for your attendance.

We are very grateful and very lucky to have such an experienced team interested within our fund. We hope to see you at our next function.

Kind regards,

James Stenson – CEO

Investment Committee Meeting 28th November 2018

The first Investment Committee of the LSMIF has been now confirmed at 13.15pm on 28th November 2018 at JUN0005 (Junxion Building). At this meeting, the leadership team will present their strategies on running the fund, including the governance, marketing and fund raising. The investment teams will present their investment policy, strategies and watch lists of companies listed on London Stock Exchange.

The meeting will also see the attendance from three external advisors to the fund, including Mr. Howard Gannaway (Advisor to the LIBS), Mr. Bob Woods (Founder/Senior Adviser of Mattioli Woods plc), Mr. David Spokes (Assistant Director/Investment Manager of Brewin Dolphin plc). Internal advisors to the fund include Mrs. Siobhan Goggin and Mr. Hao Quach from AFE-LIBS. The advisors  are expected to advise to and share their experience with our students on how to run the fund professionally and make informed investment decisions.

Agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  • 13:15 – Meet & Greet with refreshments (tea/coffee/light snacks)
  • 13:30 – Welcome and Introduction (James Stenson – CEO)
  • 13:40 – Opening speech (Mrs. Siobhan Goggin – HoD)
  • 13:45 – Introduction to the LSMIF (James Stenson – CEO)
  • 13:55 – Marketing and Fund Raising Strategy (Finley Kneafsey – CFO)
  • 14:05 – Investment Policy and Strategies (Szymon Olizarowicz – CIO)
  • 14:15 – Portfolio 1: Strategy and Watchlist
  • 14:25 – Portfolio 2: Strategy and Watchlist
  • 14:35 – Portfolio 3: Strategy and Watchlist
  • 14:45 – Tea and Coffee Break
  • 15:05 – Comments and experience sharing from advisors (Mr. Howard Gannaway, Mr. Bob Woods, Mr. David Spokes)
  • 16:00 – Closing speech (James Stenson – CEO)
  • 16:05 – Coffee and Tea for social networking

Training on equity valuation

On 7th November 2018, the first training for the Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund (LSMIF) took place with attendance from all members of the fund. At this training, Dr. Hao Quach gave students an overview of equity valuation and an in-depth instruction on how to do valuation from using simple techniques such as ratio multiples to more complicated ones such as discounted cash flows. Real-life companies listed on London Stock Exchange were taken to demonstrate the valuation process step by step.

Although the training is just the first step into investment world, and one of a series of training committed to the fund, students gained more confidence for their first investment committee meeting which is intended to take place on 28th November 2018.

Training and Investment Committee Meeting

Welcome and, once again, congratulation on your recent appointment for a role with the LMSIF. As part of the fund’s activities, we intend to hold a series of training to help you build knowledge about capital markets and investments in general. We will also monthly investment committee meetings in which investment proposals will be considered and approved.

The first training on business valuation is now scheduled on Wednesday 7th November from 14.30 to 17.00pm at JUN0001. In this first training, I will equip you with necessary knowledge about business valuation and valuation techniques.

We then expect to hold the first monthly meeting (we call it Investment Committee Meeting but everyone should attend) on 28th November from 13 – 17 pm at JUN0001. In the Investment Committee Meeting, it is expected that Investment Teams present their official investment proposals for the first investments of the fund. We will hold this meeting as professional as possible and I will invite the board of advisors to attend this meeting.

To prepare for the first training, you are advised to read as much as possible anything relating to equity valuation to grasp some initial knowledge. My approach is you explore things first and then we meet to confirm if your understanding is relevant and applicable. Training documents and valuation modelling files have been sent to your mailbox.

Hao Quach

Farewell and Welcome!

The LSMIF would like to send special thanks to members of the fund in the academic year 2017-2018, some of whom have recently graduated from the university. They did a great job in making this fund happen. Specifically, farewell is extended to all of the team, except Cameron and Finley who continue to work with the fund:

Callum Smith – MSc International Investment Banking

Burhan Tasgözlek – MSc International Investment Banking

Ryan Thomas – MSc International Investment Banking

David Mugo – MSc International Investment Banking

Tianqi Zhang – MSc International Investment Banking

Finley Kneafsey – BSc Hons Banking and Finance

Cameron Barker – BSc Hons Banking and Finance

Ryan Hill – MSc Accounting and Finance

Iulia Nan – MSc Accounting and Finance

Rosa Escobar – MSc Accounting and Finance

Michael Page – MSc Accounting

Richard Brown – MSc Project Management

We wish all of them the best of luck with their future endeavour!

For the academic year 2018/2019, we are delighted to announce that the following students have been selected to work on the fund with the following roles:

Leadership team:

  • CEO: James Stenson – BSc B&F (
  • CFO: Finely Kneafsey – BSc B&F (
  • CIO: Szymon Olizarowicz – MSc IIB (

Portfolio 1:

  • Jurijs Fedorenko – MSc International Investment Banking
  • Siyu Liu – MSc International Investment Banking
  • Patryk Lisowski – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance (Portfolio Manager)
  • Hao Lyu – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance
  • Ailu Wang – MSc International Investment Banking

Portfolio 2:

  • Peter Best – BA Accounting & Finance
  • Alexander K Mcnamee – MSc International Investment Banking
  • James Stenson – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance (Portfolio Manager)
  • Cormac M Buckley – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance
  • Ryan C Hird – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance

Portfolio 3:

  • James Boyle – MSc Finance (Portfolio Manager)
  • Christopher Denyer – MSc Finance
  • Mai Nguyen – MSc Finance
  • Nathan Smith – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance
  • Benjamin Omotayo – MFin/BSc Banking & Finance
  • Aleksander Schulz – BA Business & Management

Welcome aboard and good luck with your new exciting journey ahead.

Hao Quach

Introduction session

To recruit students for the new academic year, we are holding an introduction session on the Lincoln Student Managed Fund on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at DCB1111 at 2pm. In this session, we are introducing the fund and “the life as an investment analyst” and how to apply for a role with us.

This year, we can offer 18 vacancies as “investment analyst/portfolio manager” and if we have more interests than we can offer, we will have to interview students to select the most suitable candidates. It is planned that 18 vacancies will be split into 9 PG and 9 UG students.

Also this year, Dr. Hao Quach plans to provide three training courses on (i) Technical Analysis, (ii) Business Valuation, and (iii) Monetary Policies and Stock Market as part of the effort to build the fund’s professional capacity. Although these courses are intended to students involving in the fund, others are welcome. More information about these courses will be posted on this blog.

Hao Quach (Advisor)/Cameron Barker (CEO)

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