Welcome and, once again, congratulation on your recent appointment for a role with the LMSIF. As part of the fundโ€™s activities, we intend to hold a series of training to help you build knowledge about capital markets and investments in general. We will also monthly investment committee meetings in which investment proposals will be considered and approved.

The first training on business valuation is now scheduled on Wednesday 7th November from 14.30 to 17.00pm at JUN0001. In this first training, I will equip you with necessary knowledge about business valuation and valuation techniques.

We then expect to hold the first monthly meeting (we call it Investment Committee Meeting but everyone should attend) on 28th November from 13 โ€“ 17 pm at JUN0001. In the Investment Committee Meeting, it is expected that Investment Teams present their official investment proposals for the first investments of the fund. We will hold this meeting as professional as possible and I will invite the board of advisors to attend this meeting.

To prepare for the first training, you are advised to read as much as possible anything relating to equity valuation to grasp some initial knowledge. My approach is you explore things first and then we meet to confirm if your understanding is relevant and applicable. Training documents and valuation modelling files have been sent to your mailbox.

Hao Quach