As the Lincoln Student Management Investment Fund’s is built upon an educational foundation, donations made by investors will go directly towards assisting those who are determined to understand the procedures involved in investing in stocks and shares.

Each donation made by external investors will allow students to develop a strong and wide skill set, that will enable them to make intelligent investment decisions. The basis of these skills will be taught to all members internally, however, donations to the fund will look to enhance and broaden each individual member skill set at a greater rate by having a more substantial budget. Allowing, students asses the risk and impact involved in investing into high, medium and low risk investments, and from this look to improve from their initial mistakes.

By choosing to invest into the Lincoln Student Management Investment Fund, your support will be acknowledged by all members as well as the general public. A post will be made in response to any donations expressing our gratitude for your support in enhancing our educational experience. In addition, investors will receive updates on their investments, which will indicate the progression of the fund as well as the impact of their investment.

If you become a regular contributor we will add you onto our website blog as one of our sponsors and feature you on material that we release to the public.

We are very grateful for any contribution that will help to aid the education of our students and propel our fund into the future.

Further, details about investing into the Lincoln Student Management Investment Fund can be found by contacting the CEO:

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. James Stenson, BSc Banking and Finance, University of Lincoln.